Getting ready for the big day

Remember, if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger

A lot of couples feel pressure leading up to their wedding day. You want to get everything just right. You don’t want to let anyone down. But it can be overwhelming.

Couples don’t always realize the complexity of planning a wedding, and don’t necessarily think of all the pitfalls along the way, like for example one of your vendors canceling on you the week before your wedding, or worse still on the day of your wedding.

I’ve seen it happen, and it’s going to happen again, and it might happen to you. Either way it’s super important that you’re ready to rock on your big day and that no matter what life throws at you you are ready to throw it right back.

Here are ten tips to get your through your day in one piece.

1. Start planning early. Take all your tasks and subtasks and spread them out between now and your wedding’s start date. Leave a little margin, like a month! Get family and friends on board to help keep the momentum going

2. Consider using something like Google keep or Trello (check out our Trello Board, we can hook you up with this to help you plan your wedding) to keep tabs on everything you’ve accomplished, and everything still left over. Take advantage of technology and share tasks and leave it to the comments. Get in the habit of knocking off tasks and getting stuff done

3. Get your expectations in line from day one. Make sure none of your family members or soon-to-be spouse harbor un-expressed hopes or reservations…be accommodating but don’t overdo it–you don’t want to feel resentful towards anyone. It’s your wedding and regardless of pressures it’s about you, and not just superficially. This is about commitments, honor, and the future. So keep your integrity as high as possible and don’t agree to anything you’re not into:-)

4. Anticipate a little extra time for everything you do. This is particularly important in the morning because the schedule is pretty tight. Somebody is always late, traffic detours inevitable and that’s just the way it is always. Don’t let the stress you out, instead just budget extra time for everything

5. Make sure on the day of your wedding everyone makes a giant effort to keep things clean. Especially where we’ll taking photos and video. Get rid of garbage, wrappers, hangars and jackets. Everything that doesn’t add something to the photos takes something away. if the area were photographing in isn’t altogether done when we arrive, we’ll do it together, but having your rooms clean leaves us more time to focus your photos

6. Watch out for limo drivers, they almost always hate it when you’re late. They have a cut off time, and are often not happy at all if you expect them to go over that. Keep these guys in the loop, and be realistic about the amount of time you book in advance

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Not so original I know, but seriously, on your wedding day, just let every single transgression go unchallenged. Throw yourself into the river of life and just accept what you get!

8. Activities aren’t only for reception. It’s great to get people moving and talking throughout the day, and it makes for better photos. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just make sure you’re ready with something to do together. A toast, a drink or a gift exchange. Whatever it is, tell us about it and let’s make it fun!

9. Wrap things up fast. Some clients take forever to get back to us. I strongly suggest you don’t let things get out of hand. It’s never fun when a client calls back 3 years later. We try and process all your media as quickly as possible to assure you the best service, it works to your advantage to help us get to the finish line in a respectable time

10. Have a drink! Look, just do whatever it takes to bring the nervousness down and the fun up a notch. Make sure you’re wedding is a celebration, fun and entertaining for you and your guest. Do whatever it takes to liven things up as much as possible.

Some of the things I mentioned above seem to come up again and again, so I’m pretty sure that if you pay close attention to what I said some of it will be useful for you too.

Ultimately, it’s your wedding and the best thing you can do to have a great one is to be as ready as you can. Don’t leave anything for the last minute, and when it comes to that magic moment on the day of your wedding just let it be, it always always works out in the end.