The Photographers

Who does what?

1st-2nd-3rd and even 4th photographer.
What gives? Who does what?
How do you coordinate?

Main photographer skill set and job requirements

  1. Expert at posing
  2. Master of lighting
  3. Works well with everyone
  4. Money shots
  5. Shooting for an album
  6. Aiming for quality over quantity
  7. Ready for anything

2nd photographer skill set and job requirements

  1. Takes alternate angles
  2. Scouts nearby locations
  3. Melts into the background
  4. Candid shots
  5. Focus on family
  6. Quantity over quality 
  7. Ready for anything

There are two main photographers: myself, Mathieu Laflamme and Patrick Huot. We work with roughly half a dozen second photographers and between all of us we have a ton of experience capturing weddings and events.

A main photographer masters photographic technique and is not limited by usual constraints. The main photographer takes primary responsibility creating artistic and family photos throughout your wedding day.  Main photographers are fully committed to their trade, able to handle long days, equipment breakdowns and any kind of difficulty that comes up.

Broadly speaking, the most obvious difference between a main or second photographer boils down to responsibility. Your main photographer has to come through, always. His job is to make 100% sure everything goes as planned and deliever the photos you hired us to get.

The second photographer usually lacks experience and equipment, but makes up for it some other way: drive, ambition or telent. The second shooter is there to capture the fleeting moments that happen thoughout your day, and back up the main photographer during crucial shots like when you’re walking down the aisle or leaning in for your first kiss as newlyweds. Second shooters can also help us plan out shots, scout for locations and cary equipment.

We can work without a second photographer but highly recommend one as the quality candid shots you get is really the icing on the cake.

We can help you with more pros and cons if you’re still not sure, reach out!