Services & Rates 2019

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$1200 A scaled back approach for special occasions
$1200 A scaled back appoach
  • 6 hour coverage
  • Junior Photographer*
  • -
  • -
  • Blog Collage
  • 30 min
    Engagement Shoot
  • 100 Edits
  • Up to 250 more photos
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


$4200 2 photographers +Standard Album
$4200 + $2100 3 photographers + video + album
  • 10 Hour Coverage
  • 1h Engagement
  • Photobooth included!
  • 2h unlimited printing
  • Mathieu or Patrick
  • Second Shooter*
  • 40 Page
    Luxury Album
  • Album Design
  • 50 Touch ups
  • 500 Edited Photos
  • Up to 2000 Unedited Photos
  • Video details below


$5500 3 photographers + Luxury Album
$5500 + $2700 4 photographers + video + album
  • 12 Hour Coverage*
  • 1.5 h Engagement
  • Photobooth Included!
  • 2h Unlimited Printing
  • Mathieu Laflamme &
  • Patrick Huot
  • 50 Page
    Signature Luxury Album
  • Album Design
  • 50 Touch Ups
  • 500 Edited Photos
  • Up to 2000 Unedited Photos
  • Video Details Below

Services & Rates 2019

Click on "add video" to see price for both services

Simple Package
Ideal Package
The Dream Team
Simple Package


This package does not include enough time to cover a full day, but it can cover some of the essential parts. It's perfect for short weddings, or couple getting married for a second time.


Our main photographers usually reserve their summer Saturdays for the bigger packages. We send a junior photographer, which means we basically send second photographer. FYI: a junior or second photographer doesn't mean a bad photographer, it just means someone with less experience and equipment.

But we only work with pros, even if they have less experience, they will always do their best and tour photos will turnout all-around decent. You'll be missing some of the artistry and mastery provided by a main shooter, but you may not care.

Other details

We meet you in Park-La-Fontaine for a 30 min engagement shoot. You'll meet with Mathieu Laflamme and your actual photographer. 

All editing and file handling is dealt with by Studio Laflamme.

Ideal Package


Clients will find this package perfectly balanced. Get a top notch and experienced photographer of your choice, a backup photographer, a 40 page modern photo album and a photo-booth with unlimited printing

This packages will help you relax about your photos knowing everything you need for a complete wedding is included.

You'll get 10 hours coverage on your wedding day which is almost always enough to capture a everything. You'll also get an engagement/posing session to increase your confidence. An no need to worry about if you want a photobooth; trust me, you do. We've included one in both our main packages because we know it's a tone of fun. 


Choose either either Mathieu or Patrick as well as a second photographer for a total of 2 photographers. 


The 40 page Standard Album included in this package is perfect for couples who want a lighter, perhaps more modern take, on a traditional album. It comes with 20, double sided spreads leaving you with a total of 40 pages. We offer a variety of finishes as well as significant upgrade paths like a wrap around cover, metallic pages or boxes. Ask us about our upgrades if you think you might be interested.

**all our package albums are 10*10. We can upgrade sizes. Just ask**

Videography Details

If you add video to this package your main photographer remains either Mathieu or Patrick, but Christophe gets added to the team. There's also a second shooter included. So when you get video you get a total of 3 photographers. 

Final deliverables include a beautiful 5-7 minute highlight video with music of your choice. 

* Second shooters are chosen from a small pool of people we know and trust. We don't necessarily know in advance who it's going to be. If it's important we can notify you as the wedding season approaches and everyone's schedules gets filled in.

The Dream Team


The dream team is our most expensive package because it offers 2 main photographers, as well as everything else in the Ideal package. By having both me and Pat there, you'll never have to make any compromises during the day. For example, you don't have to worry about who goes to the bride's house and who goes to the groom's--either way Patrick or I and our entire team knock it out of the park for you. We'll also be able to do more trick shots since one of us can always be setting something up while the other executes. 


Mathieu & Patrick as main shooters plus second photographer.


The album in this package is an upgrade to the standard album not only because it contains more pages, but because it also uses bulkier and sturdy materials and construction methods. 

The Signature Luxury Album comes with 50 pages, a wide variety of cover option. This album can be replaced with a Finao Playbook or a Giclee Album. Regardless of what you choose, the build quality is to delight everyone who wants an oversized album that's as beautiful as a feather yet heavy as a brick. There is literally an endless variety of options. We also offer several upgrades and can provide you with a detailed quote. We suggest you settle on the size, and number of pages first, and consider upgrades after you wedding. 

**all our package albums are 10*10. We can upgrade sizes for a small fee. Just ask**

Videography Details

The Dream Team packages use both Mathieu and Patrick for main photography and main video, when you get video Christoph joins in with our second shooter for a total of 4 pros covering your day. 

Matthieu and Patrick alternate between photos, Christoph gets the video, and we all help each other to operate as efficiently as possible.

Mathieu, Patrick and Christoph stay a maximum of 10h and let the remaining photographers stay until the end of the contract to capture all the late night events. If you take the video package please keep in mind we'll be on a tight schedule so coordination is key!

The final video length is between 15-20 minutes. 

* How long does it take to get your video?

*prices are subject to change until we've signed a contract. Feel free to screen shot our this page, but please contact us for a final quote.


Photographers & Cinematographers

Main Camera

Additional hours photography or videography
$ 200 hour

Second Camera

Additional hours photography or videography
$ 75 hour


Photos or video
$ 75 hour


DIY Photobooth

You provide BG & props, we do all the rest! Only availalbe with second shooter
$ 250 1.5 hours

Luxury Photobooth

We provide everything, and print photos on the spot for people to go home with
$ 900 2 hours


Short engagement shoot

Up to 45 minutes **included in most packages***
$ 175

Long engagement shoot

For up to 2.5 horus
$ 500

Engagement extreme

Photos & video for up to 2 hours
$ 800



Engagement shoot photos are delivered in a collage format within 48 hours. Individual photos are delivered after the wedding but can be uploaded anytime. Just ask.

Wedding photos go through a few pipelines before getting to you. It goes something like this: Take photos--->upload--->sort--->rename--->backup--->blog--->share--->client edit selection--->editing--->delivery of edited images--->all remaining photos + final payment.

This process can take up to two months or longer if clients are busy