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What do our clients say?

Aurora Livingston

Newly Wed

Studio Laflamme, they did a great job for us! They fully "got me" and understood what I wanted. Thank you~Highly recommended

Eve Crawford

Mother of the bride

I took the time to reach out and thank Studio Laflamme for getting us through our day! We were grateful to work with Mathieu and loved his photos and thankful for his attitude.

Norah Wang


We found it hard to pick photographers. So many good ones! Matthew took stunning photos of us and our family. He got all the poses we needed, and all the candid shots we wanted.

Adrianne Moore

Newly wed

Mathieu's photos were the best. No idea how he did it but he did!!! Great job. And lots of Fun. Thanks!

Meet the Photographers


Christoph Blizzard


3 years ago I walked away from a career as an engineer to pursue my lifelong passion for cinematography. Since then I traveled the world to work in film and tv, but never strayed far from my passion for capturing the magic of weddings. Every wedding invites me to capture a unique story and deliver my personal best.


Mathieu Laflamme


My name is Mathieu Laflamme. I shoot photos and video for a living, and for the past 8 years have done nothing else. My passion for photography extends into other areas, like audio and film. There’s so much to learn really, and I’m always reaching for more, and trying to achieve my best. I love creating images knowing many of them will be will cherish for generations to come. I'm highly motivated and work hard so it's a natural fit to work with couples eager to to make their wedding a success.


Patrick Huot


My love for photography dates back to a camera my dad gave me as a child. I proudly became our families official photographer and since then I've never stopped working to improve and expand my knowledge. I travel the globe in search of stunning landscapes and breathtaking scenery and will continue to pursue my passion for photography, people and places as long as I can. 

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