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Studio Laflamme, they did a great job for us! They fully "got me" and understood what I wanted. Thank you~Highly recommended

Aura BrooksNewly wed

I took the time to reach out and thank Studio Laflamme for getting us through our day! We were grateful to work with Mathieu and loved his photos and thankful for his attitude.

Eve CrawfordMother of the bride

We found it hard to pick photographers. So many good ones! Matthew took stunning photos of us and our family. He got all the poses we needed, and all the candid shots we wanted.

Adrianne MooreNew bride, 2017

Mathieu's photos were the best. No idea how he did it but he did!!! Great job. And lots of Fun. Thanks!

Norah, WangNewly wed-2017


Studio Laflamme specializes in photography, but we also provide professional album design, printing and consultation, as well as videography and photo booths. We believe what sets us apart is our commitment to taking great photos, making the entire process easy for you, and delivering your photos on time.

Don’t hesitate to download our latest rates and services packages. If you’re ready to meet we’d love to invite you for a drink in the early evening or a coffee or soda any time. On us!

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Life changes fast! And perhaps never faster than after getting married. Often times our clients move, start families and even change jobs. People’s priorities change, life gets in the way, and before you know it it’s been a year and you still haven’t picked your photos. Not with us. We get your final photos done according to a strict, predetermined schedule. People who aren’t rushed enjoy paying less, other’s who want their photos faster pay a little more. In both cases, we align our expectations and our schedules and deliver on time.  

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How to choose a photographer

The one thing people tap me on the shoulder to whisper in my ear most frequently is “thanks for the way you handled that.” We roll with the punches and go with the flow. We listen to the people around us and solve problems taking the path of least resistance for you. We’re sensitive to the moment and mindful of the real stories and the real lives that unfold before our cameras.

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I doubt you have ever written a great symphony, but there’s a good chance you may have taken a really cool photo. It’s easy to take a nice photo these days, and it’s even easier to make it look great using filters and blurs on your phone. But as with most things, there’s more to it. That’s when a professional photographer comes in handy. A pro can handle

  • Bad lighting
  • Rapid lighting changes
  • Broken equipment
  • Difficult situations
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